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Tattoo Consultation FAQ

Great! You've made an appointment for a consultation - now what? Here are some suggestions to help things to go smoothly: - PLEASE don't wear cologne, perfume or Lush products the day that you come into the studio. I ask this because I am SEVERELY allergic to scents of that nature, and I don't want to cut things short due to me having an allergy/asthma attack. - PLEASE don't bring your children with you to your consultation. They will get bored very quickly (even with another adult attending to them) and it makes consultations very difficult. My insurance also prohibits individuals under the age of 18 from being in the studio, so please consider making an appointment for when they are not in tow.  - Consultations are approximately 30 minutes long. If you arrive very early , I may not be at the studio yet (if you are my first appointment of the day), or I may still be with another client who was scheduled before you. If you arrive late , we may end up needing to

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